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Acid-Pak 2-Way

ACID-PAK® 2-WAY is a unique combination of buffered organic acidifiers and electrolytes. Adding it to drinking water is an effective approach to acidification which promotes gut health, especially when intake is low or variable (i.e. newly-placed birds, transportation, and heat stress).

Acid-Pak 2-Way in Action

Acid-Pak 2-Way is a technology designed to help “feed the gut” and equip birds with the best foundation for healthy growth and natural defences.

Organic acidifiers in Acid-Pak 2-Way:

  • Lower gut pH
  • Favor the growth of beneficial gut bacteria
  • Inhibit the growth of harmful or undesirable species, such as Salmonella and E. coli
  • Help improve gut health

Electrolytes in Acid-Pak 2-Way:

  • Are important in maintaining ion balance in intra and extra-cellular fluid
  • Include all charged ionic atoms and molecules, such as Na+, K+, Mg++, Ca++, Cl-, HCO3-, SO4-
  • Correct electrolyte balance, improving performance

The avian digestive tract on the right shows how Acid-Pak 2-Way helps to maintain an optimum digestive tract environment.

Key benefits of ACID-PAK® 2-WAY

  • Drives intake
  • Optimizes pH level and water balance
  • Supports the gut microbial population
  • Increases enzyme activity and activates protein, starch and fiber digestion

Acid-Pak 2-Way lowers the pH in drinking water

Water quality plays an important role in promoting gut health, improving feed conversion and enhancing animal performance. Good quality water and the correct gut pH levels can help create an environment where beneficial intestinal ecology and villi can flourish and nutrient release and absorption can be maximized.

Acid-Pak 2-Way helps the bird to maintain intestinal pH within an optimal range, where levels of adequate enzyme activity and healthy populations of gastrointestinal organisms are achieved. The image on the right demonstrates the ideal pH levels in a bird’s digestive system.

For best effects, we recommend considering Acid-Pak 2-Way along with Actigen or other associated Alltech gut health products where possible.