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Yea-Sacc is a yeast culture based on a proprietary strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a yeast strain specifically selected for its influence on animal performance. With a low inclusion rate and a large body of research clarifying its mode of action and performance responses, Yea-Sacc is ideal for beef, dairy, calf and equine feeds.

For use in: Dairy, beef, equine, pigs and water buffalo.

Usage: Consult your local Alltech representative.

Patents/approvals: Yea-Sacc performance results are scientifically proven. In fact, of the 71 peer reviewed, published papers, published in Journal of Dairy Science, Animal Feed Science Technology and Journal of Animal Science on the mode of action of yeast cultures, 42% were done on Yea-Sacc.

Available in: All regions.

For more information, contact: or your local Alltech representative.