Alltech-Owned Companies


    In 2010, Alltech set a highly ambitious goal of achieving $4 billion in sales. With the company then at annual turnover of approximately $500 million, this would require an aggressive approach and both organic and acquisitive growth. Since 2011, Alltech has acquired 14 companies: Ridley, US Feeds (now part of Ridley) and Lakeland Animal Nutrition in the United States; EMF Nutrition and Masterfeeds in Canada; Lienert in Australia; Valoralys in France; Emrovit in Switzerland; Efor in Turkey; E-CO2 in Great Britain; Produs AS and Produs Aqua AS in Norway, Keenan in Ireland and, for our Beverage Division, Cumberland Brewery in Europe.

    Through these strategic acquisitions, Alltech is strengthening its commitment to its customers, providing them with tailored solutions and local on-farm support as they increase the profitability, efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

    Cumberland Breweries Ltd. E-CO2
    efor Ridley
    Lienert Emrovit
    Produs Aqua Produs