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Elevating Irish agriculture’s story from all sectors with AgCredible Academy

Elevating Irish agriculture’s story from all sectors with AgCredible Academy


Alltech Ireland and Agri Aware have joined forces to create the AgCredible Academy to elevate Irish agriculture's story by collaborating with prominent Irish agri-influencers who are passionate about agriculture. This programme will enable ambassadors to effectively communicate and promote Irish agriculture to the consumer and share the best stories possible to help bridge the gap between producers and consumers about how Irish food is produced.

Alltech and Agri Aware are both dedicated to the future of the agri-food sector. Producers and consumers have never been so disconnected about where their food comes from, and so, as an industry, it falls on us to be educators. Agriculture has the power to solve some of our most challenging environmental problems. We can put carbon back in the soil and forests. We can recycle nutrients and keep them out of our rivers, lakes and oceans. We can generate renewable energy. And, together, we can build a more sustainable world.

“It is our responsibility to educate people in Ireland with the truth about farming from every sector involved in agriculture,” said Cathal McCormack, country manager, Alltech Ireland. “The ambassadors for the AgCredible Academy are passionate and educated people from multiple sectors within the industry who each have their own individual story to tell.”

“Both Agri Aware and Alltech are providing the necessary education to influential people from the agriculture community to enable them to share their positive everyday farming stories to the general public,” said Deirdre O’Shea, Agri Aware executive director.

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Katie Meegan, marketing manager, Alltech Ireland; +353 (0)86 144 9364

Claire Fox, PR and Communications Manager, Agri Aware +353 (0) 86 392 6584