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InTouch combines the latest in feed-management software, mixer wagon controller technology and skilled feeding specialists to work proactively with many types of farmers, ensuring the best in feeding accuracy and animal performance. Each day, InTouch manages the feeding of over 300,000 animals on 2,000 farms across the globe, representing one of the world’s largest feed efficiency databases.

As well as helping to support dairy and beef farmers in the overall management of their herd, InTouch can quickly measure and communicate a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). These include loading and mixing accuracy, feed efficiency, dry-matter intakes, margin per cow, feed cost per liter and kilogram of daily live-weight gain. If a KPI falls outside of set tolerances, InTouch will raise an alert for the farmer and feeding specialist so they can take quick corrective action.

What are the benefits of using InTouch?

  • Access to a dedicated feeding specialist on-farm, as well as the InTouch support team at your local InTouch hub.
  • A more proactive approach to decision making in all areas of your farm. Issues can be addressed, and necessary adjustments made, in real time .
  • Easy tracking of feed-ingredient costs and usage levels, with accurate feed-inventory management.
  • Delivery of a more consistent milk output, with proven improvements in yield, solids and overall herd health.
  • An easy-to-use customer portal where you can view all your key farm information.
  • The ability to benchmark your farm performance against other comparable farms in your region

Cathal Bohane, Head of InTouch Nutrition


“Utilizing modern technology and animal nutrition experts, InTouch helps to take the guesswork out of managing your feeding and all-round herd performance. Correct diet formulation is only as good as the mix that is delivered to the animals, and a consistent diet is key to achieving production goals. By proactively helping farmers in all areas of their business, from ration formulation to grassland management, we aim to ensure animals have the best opportunity to deliver optimum results every day.”

(Cathal Bohane, Head of InTouch Nutrition)

John Killen, Dairy Farmer, Northern Ireland


“InTouch is a very simple system to use; I’ve saved a lot of time and I’ve saved a lot of mistakes. We’re not worried “are we feeding right” or “are we feeding wrong.” The nutritionist is always keeping a close eye on things.”

(John Killen, Dairy Farmer, Northern Ireland)

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Getting InTouch

We have a range of different InTouch packages available to suit all types of farms. To find out more about InTouch and discover which is the right one for you, please email