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OPTISYNC is the next generation OPTIGEN, combining the advantages of controlled non-protein nitrogen (NPN) and nutrients to increase the rate of diet digestion. It provides the two most important nutrients: energy and protein. This improves the rate of digestion, increasing performance from forage and concentrates. OPTISYNC is a proprietary Alltech formulation and research demonstrates consistently superior results than its predecessor OPTIGEN.

  • OPTISYNC™, the superior nitrogen source for ruminant nutrition
  • Increases energy available for production
  • Increases milk yield
  • Increases milk fat and protein levels
  • Increases feed efficiency
  • Optimises milk production
  • Aids in providing a steady supply of nitrogen in the rumen and may improve efficiency of diet utilisation
  • Helps maintain performance
  • Reduces nitrogen excretion
  • No compromise on fertility

Optimises dietary protein supply