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The LIFEFORCE Range™ is the cornerstone of the Alltech Equine Advantage series, developed to benefit horses at every stage of life, from breeding stock to pleasure and performance animals. Combining Alltech’s top proprietary technologies, the LIFEFORCE Range is an essential daily means of maintaining a healthy horse. Each of our LIFEFORCE Range solutions help to create a healthy digestive environment, promote nutrient absorption, support immune function,

and optimise performance. Alltech ensure our natural products and solutions for equine health are proven, reliable and fully traceable. Alltech have set the standard in animal nutrition by providing scientifically proven nutrients for equine feeds for more than 30 years. Ours is a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the health and performance of all horses by adding nutritional value to their diets.

  • Source of copper
  • Source of manganese
  • Source of zinc
  • Source of organic selenium

Studies have shown that lifeforce contains minerals that:

Address challenges related to:

  • Thriftiness and body condition
  • Oxidative stress
  • Maintain good gut health
  • Recovery from injury and surgery
  • Reproduction in mares, stallions
  • Tissue and bone development in foals
  • Allows good bacteria to work most effectively throughout the gut
  • Optimises digestive health
  • Enhances digestibility of feed
  • Maximises extraction of nutrients from the diet
  • Stabilise pH and buffer gut acidity
  • Helps reduce digestive upsets
  • Provides organic trace minerals that are more easily absorbed and maintained
  • Combats the production of free radicals and thereby allowing the horse to cope with oxidative stress
  • Supports normal development and bone formation in foals
  • Supporting the reproductive system for mares and stallions

Improving mare milk quality, which in turn promotes healthy growth in young foals