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2023 European Harvest Analysis

Mycotoxin insights to empower your nutritional strategy

Are you fully equipped to act both early and effectively against mycotoxin risk?  

All feed and livestock producers face challenges from hidden mycotoxins in their feed ingredients, and before you can mitigate the issue, you must first understand the risks in your region.   

That’s where Alltech comes in. Each year, as part of our European Harvest Analysis, we test more than 1,000 new crop samples in our leading-edge labs, identifying a wide range of both established and emerging mycotoxins. In collaboration with our expert partner, SGS, we can track mycotoxin risks in depth across 20 European countries. Then, using advanced analytical tools, we provide feed and livestock producers with our annual European Harvest Analysis report, which outlines specific mycotoxin risks across regions, crop types and animal species. 

Armed with the latest insights on mycotoxin contamination, our expert technical teams can then work with producers to implement the best mycotoxin management solutions, including testing programs and the use of in-feed nutritional ingredients such as Mycosorb A+®. 

The Alltech 2023 European Harvest Analysis programme includes 

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Detailed report
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Expert analysis
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Interactive map
Downloadable resources

Access your Alltech 2023 European Harvest Analysis here