Alltech - University of Kentucky Nutrigenomics Alliance

    Using DNA microarray or “gene chip” technology, investigators can determine how nutrients act on gene expression. See how Alltech and the University of Kentucky have formed an alliance to further research in nutrigenomics.

    Nutrigenomics is the focus of Alltech’s team of researchers at our Center for Animal Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition at our global headquarters in Kentucky. The first facility of its kind, the Center has produced exciting advancements in nutrigenomics, which studies the effect of nutrition on gene expression.

    The Center’s cutting-edge technology enabled Alltech’s scientists to make significant strides in 2010. By analyzing how diet and health interact from one generation to the next and how nutrition affects an animal at the genetic level, we gain the ability to improve feed efficiency, growth rate and other important traits. 

    Our research on the genetic level will carry us forward into an exciting future providing untold insights into disease, nutrition and life itself.