Poultry Health

Solutions for Poultry Production

Alltech's solutions for poultry consist of natural, nutritional technologies tailored to address challenges impacting modern poultry production and profitability, providing farmers an advantage in this competitive marketplace.

Alltech’s global efforts to address poultry customers' needs include:

  • Quality and effective solutions to practical challenges
  • Educational programs such as workshops and seminars
  • Cutting-edge research supported by world-renowned research institutes
  • Expertise from world-class consultants

Alltech’s solutions for poultry are designed to:

  • Provide an end product that is safe and traceable
  • Improve taste, color, texture, tenderness and overall appeal
  • Produce meat and eggs that are naturally fresh
  • Enhance the nutritional value of meat and eggs

Poultry Challenges

Poultry farmers face many common challenges such as digestibility, egg quality, fertility, hatchability, and feed costs.

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On-farm Solutions


On-farm solutions are a GAME-CHANGER because they were developed with Nutrigenomics research.

Did you know? One animal can provide as many as 23,000 responses (probes) or more with just one gene chip, providing a huge amount of data! Previously, researchers tested animals, one at a time, in order to get a sign result and generate data.

Pathway to Profitability

Alltech offers you a pathway to profitability developed by studying how nutritional, environmental and hormonal events influence animals’ cells.

The genetic make-up of the chicken determines its potential for profitable performance. Achieving that potential depends on adopting the appropriate management and nutritional programs to allow the chicken to perform at its peak.

Poultry Videos

True Check - Poultry

With True Check, Alltech gives you insight into the availability of nutrients and energy in your feed.


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