ACE Principal

    Gilligan Meats Profile

    A look at how Gilligan Meats in Roscommon Ireland produces top quality meat from farm to fork.

    The Hutterite Colonies

    Alltech's salute to the Hutterite Colonies in the USA and Canada for their contribution to agriculture

    Improving Performance of the Animal
    Satisfying the Consumer
    Safe for the Environment

    The future of agriculture depends on solutions that are safe for the animal, consumer and environment. At Alltech we believe that new technologies and their adoption throughout the food chain are the secret to achieving a sustainable world. These technologies must improve the health and welfare of Animals, satisfy Consumer demands and protect the Environment, the core of the Alltech ACE Principle.

    Our application of the ACE principle over the past 35 years and our vision for the next 35 years is simply to feed the growing number of people by optimizing animal nutrition with natural technology that does not negatively affect the planet.

    The balance of these three elements is critical as we look at the challenge and opportunity that 2050 presents. Can new tools such as nutrigenomics totally change the way we feed our animals and ourselves? What will the farm of the future look like and how will it help agribusiness sustain itself for centuries to come?

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