On-farm Support

    Helping Your Animals Reach Their Full Potential


    At Alltech, we realize that raising high quality, efficient and healthy animals is far more than a simple task. Employee training, feed/forage quality, growing nutritional needs, and facility designs are just a few of the many concerns that producers face on a daily basis. As challenging as tackling all of these issues may seem, the Alltech On-farm Support program can help. This program provides support to farmers across the world to help them reach goals, troubleshoot and lay a foundation for a profitable and sustainable future. Bringing together almost four decades of research and practical application with premium quality products, services and committed experts, the Alltech On-farm Support program is delivering profitability globally, and is a must-have for your operation.

    Providing Solutions through Premium Technologies

    With a core expertise in yeast technology, Alltech offers a range of products, services and solutions to meet the needs and issues that farmers face on a daily basis. By promoting overall health and production, considering animal performance and your bottom line, you can see the benefits that Alltech can offer. Ask your feed provider how you can get Alltech technologies in your operation.

    Gaining a Competitive Edge with Added Value Services

    Building Your Strengths with Workshops and Training

    Finding experienced workers continues to be a challenge for farmers across the world. Through Alltech’s global network, the On-farm Support program can provide customized workshops for your team, helping you assure that all employees are on the same page and following the same protocols and routines. Not only telling your employees the proper procedures, but helping them to understand the reasoning for these procedures, which is key to a quality team. These workshops can also increase the efficiency of your labor force through bilingual training and education of farm employees. Providing an opportunity for managers, consultants and feed manufacturers to develop teamwork and to improve targeted areas that contribute to the success of the operation.

    Addressing the Challenges at World Class Events

    Bringing the most progressive producers together and discussing key issues in the industry is the goal at Alltech events. By promoting education and networking with producers from across the globe, Alltech partners with farmers to talk about issues, and help to find solutions. Ask your local Alltech representative about an Alltech event in your area.