On-farm Support

Helping Your Animals Reach Their Full Potential 

Leweston Farm - Paul Roper

Leweston Farm in the UK is one of the first to use DEMP. Hear farm manager Paul Roper describe his life as a farmer and the on farm trial.

As livestock producers we realize that raising high quality, efficient healthy animals is far more than a simplistic task. Employee training, forage quality, growing nutritional needs, mycotoxins, and facility designs are just a few of the many concerns that livestock producers face on a daily basis. As challenging as tackling all of these issues may seem, the Alltech On-farm Support program can help. A tool for farmers across the world, this program provides support to farmers in reaching goals, solving problems, troubleshooting and helping to lay a foundation for a profitable and sustainable future. Combining more than 30 years of research, premium quality products, and committed experts, the Alltech On-farm Support program is proving profitability globally, and is a must-have for your team.

Providing Solutions through Premium Products

With a core business in yeast technology, Alltech offers a range of products and solutions to meet the needs and issues that farmers face on a daily basis. By promoting profitability and overall health and production, whether it be animal performance or your bottom line, you can truly see the benefits that Alltech products can offer. Ask your feed provider for Alltech products in your ration.

Activating the Nutritional Power Within

Alltech is bridging the gap between science and the farm. Being a leader in research and nutrigenomics has helped Alltech bring necessary solutions to the animal production industry through nutrition. By understanding the effect of what you feed at the gene level through nutrigenomics, Alltech is helping animals to reach their true genetic potential.

Workshops and Training

Labor management has proven to be a challenge for farmers across the world, and for many, having inexperienced employees is extremely common. By doing a customized workshop for your team, you can assure that all employees are on the same page, following the same protocols and routines. Not only telling your employees the proper procedures, but helping them to understand the reasoning for these procedures is key to a quality team.

Removing the Language Barrier

The objective of this program is to increase the efficiency of the industry’s labor force through bilingual training and education of farm employees. This course is designed to provide an opportunity for managers, consultants and feed manufacturers to develop teamwork and to improve targeted areas that contribute to the success of the operation.

Forage Management

Alltech can detect and address the risks caused by over 37 different mycotoxins with confidence using a holistic approach to managing your mycotoxin challenge. The program evaluates multiple mycotoxins using ultra performance liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) methodology developed at Alltech’s Global Research Headquarters, KY, USA. Compared to other commercial methods that have a very narrow window of mycotoxin targets this approach represents a real breakthrough as it identifies an important variety of mycotoxins that can potentially contaminate a feed material.


Bringing the most progressive producers together and discussing key issues in the industry is something that can be seen at multiple Alltech events throughout the year. By promoting education and networking with producers from across the globe, Alltech partners with farmers to talk about issues, and help to find solutions. Ask your local Alltech representative about a Alltech event in your area.


Alltech is the only company to offer a positive release program for organic trace minerals. All batches of inorganic trace mineral sources and final Bioplexes batches are tested for dioxins, PCBs and heavy minerals prior to sale. Q+ (Quality Plus) is Alltech’s mineral quality program unique to Sel-Plex and Bioplex range of organic trace minerals.