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KEENAN launch MechFiber Plus range at Open Day

KEENAN showcases new feeder at open day in Mullingar

Keenan showcased its updated MechFiber+ range of paddle diet feeders at an open day in Mullingar last week.
Image of MechFiber365+

KEENAN updates MechFiber diet feeder range

KEENAN launches new PLUS range with a host of new features and user-friendly additions.
Nadya Nesterova accepts award on behalf of KEENAN and Alltech

KEENAN InTouch wins top prize at AGRA 2022 in Bulgaria

We are pleased to share that Alltech Bulgaria was the 1st place winner of the Innovation Competition organised by the International Fair Plovdiv during one of the biggest local agricultural events which took place from March 9-13 –