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Our Team

Together, with our talented team members across Canada, we believe in Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™. Alltech Canada has team members across the country to accommodate and serve the agriculture industry nationwide.

Stuart McGregor profile picture

Stuart McGregor

Vice President of Commercial Business – Canada, Alltech

Dr. Kayla Price profile picture

Dr. Kayla Price

Canadian Technical Manager, Alltech Canada

Dr. A. E. Ted Sefton profile picture

Dr. A. E. Ted Sefton

Director of Poultry and Alltech Historian, Alltech Canada

Aimé Roy profile picture

Aimé Roy

Quebec, and Canadian Swine Specialist, Alltech Canada

Brayden Van Driesten profile picture

Brayden Van Driesten

Sales Representative, Western Canada, KEENAN and InTouch Canada

Colin MacNeil profile picture

Colin MacNeil

Canadian Sales Manager, Alltech Canada

Eldon Petherick profile picture

Eldon Petherick

Key Account Manager, Alltech Canada

Jeff Crampton profile picture

Jeff Crampton

Key Account Manager, Alltech Crop Science Canada

Isabelle Dorion profile picture

Isabelle Dorion

Business Development Representative for Quebec, Alltech Canada

Olivier Demers profile picture

Olivier Demers

Aquaculture/Pet Accounts Manager, Alltech Canada