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InTouch Controller

TMR that isn't under or over processed, but just right

The InTouch controller is synced with the InTouch dashboard; allowing farmers to easily measure, monitor and manage feed accuracy and efficiency, herd performance, feed costs, dry matter intake and refusals.

The InTouch controller gives clear guidance on the loading order and quantity of ingredients to be loaded ensuring an optimum and consistent ration, every time.

Easily fitted to any make and model of diet feeder by one of our KEENAN-accredited service engineers, the InTouch controller is equipped with 3G capability to allow for the rapid transfer of data to and from the controller.

Real time wireless transfer of animal rations and mixing revolutions

Up to 99 individual diets can be pre-programmed into the controller facilitating the effective preparation of rations and the management of large groups of different animals. The controller’s Wi-Fi function allows you to duplicate the screen on your tablet or smartphone, ensuring easy monitoring of the controller from the cab.

Greater accuracy and consistency during:

  • Loading
  • Mixing
  • Feed-out

The optional Instant Revolutions and AutoStop functions enable you to:

  • Prevent the over or under processing of ration ingredients
  • Ensure a consistent TMR in every load
  • Deliver a balanced ration with every bite of feed

InTouch Feed Management System

For enhanced ration management, easily sync the InTouch controller with the InTouch feed management system. InTouch combines the latest in feed-management software, InTouch controller technology and skilled feeding specialists to work proactively with many types of farmers, ensuring the best in feeding accuracy and animal performance. Each day, InTouch manages the feeding of over 300,000 animals on 2,000 farms across the globe, representing one of the world's largest feed efficiency databases.

In Touch feed management software benefits:

  • Easy and quick transfer of animal diets to the controller
  • Real time wireless transfer of loading accuracy and mixing revolutions
  • Accurate control of feed costs, dry matter intake and refusal management
  • Detailed graphs and reports on ingredients used, feed costs, herd productivity and feeding accuracy to optimise accurate management of animal feed inventory on farm

InTouch provides you with control, accuracy and real-time feed advice

Duplication of controller screen on smartphone or tablet, for in-cab use 

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