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Farmer and his cows

Patrick Fortune operates a 160 dairy cow herd in Adamstown, Co. Wexford. The Fortunes’s herd is a mix of British and Holstein Friesian.


“We calve all the cows in spring. We keep some of the calves and plant about 60 acres of tillage. Our milk solids sold to the co-op are 550 kg,” said Patrick.

Since 2020, Patrick has been feeding his herd YEA-SACC® through the Gain range in the parlour nut. YEA-SACC, Alltech’s proven solution, is a live yeast which enhances rumen function through improved fibre digestibility and the stabilization of rumen pH. This allows for increased milk production achieved more efficiently without compromising the body condition and fertility of the dairy cow.

“Mark advised me to include YEA-SACC through the parlour nut, especially during the second rotation grass to help prevent the butterfat dropping,” said Patrick.


Patrick has seen many benefits since using YEA-SACC in the herd’s diet.


“I’ve seen an increase in the yield and milk solids in the herd,” he says. “I have found that YEA-SACC has worked really well for me in the past couple of years, and I intend to continue using it. The difference in milk solids after using it is evident. cows are performing at their optimum when using YEA-SACC. A combination of straw, good grass and YEA-SACC in the parlour nut has helped achieve good production levels.”