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Animal Nutrition Products

Acid-Pak 4-Way 2x

Acid-Pak 4-Way contains several Alltech solutions that delivers a multi-level technology that supports the most ideal gut environment for healthy growth, resulting in less animal stress and optimum performance.


Actigen is a natural alternative to antibiotics. It targets and eliminates nasty pathogens such as Salmonella and E.coli improving gut health, as well as enhancing the animal’s own immune system. This means animals are healthier and perform better, naturally.

All-Lac® Paste

All-Lac is a natural concentrated probiotic which helps the animal establish a stable and healthier microflora in the gut during the first days of life and after antibiotic therapy. This makes it hard for bad bacteria to get a foothold.

Alltech Calf Pak

Designed to improve rumen health, gut health and overall calf immunity and growth rates.


A combination product tailored to help rumen health, gut health and overall immunity

Allzyme SSF

Allzyme® SSF allows for flexibility in feed formulation through the inclusion of byproducts and alternative raw materials, or by reducing the nutrient density in the diet.


Effective during all phases of growth, Bio-Mos® is designed to feed the gastrointestinal tract, thereby maximizing performance and profitability.


Bioplex Minerals are well researched, well proven and quality assured organically bound minerals. These trace minerals ‘mimic’ those found in nature, meaning they are stored not excreted when fed to animals. You can feed less to the animals which is great for the environment whilst with optimum utilisation are exceptional for improved animal health.


De-Odorase is the natural choice to control ammonia and other noxious gases and reduce the odour associated with animal waste.


Alltech’s revolutionary microbial protein technology that delivers a quality source of protein for the cow. DEMP is designed to by-passes the rumen, delivering the complete array of essential amino acids to the animal.


Economase™ is a proprietary blend of ingredients that maximizes and maintains the antioxidant status of the animal.

Energy BC

Energy BC is a nutrient dense protected fat that is designed to help promote body condition, fertility and overall cow performance.


Fibrozyme uses Alltech’s unique enzyme technology to unlock more of the nutrients in fibrous feeds.


LIFEFORCE™ is a daily nutritional supplement that consists of more than 30 years of Alltech’s scientifically proven, fully traceable technologies.


Mold-Zap® is designed to inhibit mold growth, to retain dry matter and nutrients, for less top spoilage and it is also designed for less deterioration (dry matter loss).


Mycosorb is a registered, patented, broad spectrum mycotoxin binder that reduces the harm of naturally occurring mycotoxins in animal feed stuffs, allowing the animals to perform at their best.


NaturClean is a unique dry bedding conditioner for all animals with the highest level of absorbency. Its natural ingredients also contains a highly effective natural disinfectant, as well as a natural solution which removes ammonia smell.


Nupro is a highly palatable functional nutrient derived from yeast strain 1026. Nupro contains 45% crude protein, 5-7% nucleotides, and provides a rich source of Inositol and Glutamate that helps young animals get off to the best start in life.


Optisync is a unique “slow release” rumen degradable protein source.


Sel-Plex is Alltech’s proprietary organic form of selenium yeast manufactured to mimic selenium naturally present in plants and found in nature. Sel-Plex is highly digestible, better absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal and is a very safe form of selenium.


Yea-Sacc® is Alltech’s unique, well researched, well proven live yeast supplement specifically selected for its influence on animal performance.