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Welcome to Alltech Pune, our second largest facility in Asia and our second plant in India, the first being in Bangalore.

With exceeding plant capacities, when we decided to invest into a bigger plant, Pune was the first choice. One of India’s fast growing cities in central India, with over 3 million cosmopolitan population, excellent connectivity, proximity to the port and speedy development of the industrial areas, this was an ideal  place for us to  be able to cater to our customers in faster and more effective way.

Befitting the success of this city, This plant is designed to meet all the modern and safety requirements of manufacturing. 

The plant is spread across a total area of 1,32,000 sq ft or 12,300 sq mt with 95,000 sq ft of production and warehouse area, built to suit our requirements. This plant has a production capacity of 25,000T/year, manufacturing over 90% of all the products sold in South Asia. The warehouse can store upto 1500T of raw materials and finished product at any given time. With the racking system installation in progress, the storage capacity can triple in no time.

This plant is designed not only to cater to the local market but also for export to SA, SEA, Australia and Europe.

The reins of this plant are in the hands of a strong team of 50 + people with varied manufacturing and warehousing experiences amounting to  100 years + of experience of the entire team.

Some of the salient features of this plant are

  1. Use of natural gas for boilers as green sustainable energy reducing the carbon emission.
  2. Fully equipped power backup allowing the plant to run smoothly
  3. Fire hydrant systems ensuring safety of the plant and the people
  4. 5 functional  dock yards + 3 add ons when required for easy movement of raw materials and finished products in an out of the facility with no traffic congestion or long wait for trucks outside the factory.
  5. Fumigation system to ensure pest control even before the raw material enters our facility.
  6. Customised product designing and supply.
  7. Capabilities from 1T to 500gm pack size
  8. Clear demarcation of raw material and product storage, QC Hold area, Work in progress areas,  facilitating easy traceability and access to goods.

And above all an Inhouse laboratory testing all our raw materials and finished goods, ensuring that they meet the quality standards and guarantees before being shipped out to customers. Quality, safety and traceability are the key pillars to our quality mission.

This facility will soon be certified to ISO 22000:2015 Food safety management system, Fami- QS, European standard and ISO 14000 :2015, environment management system.


Our production plan is split into three units

Bioplex plant with 11,000T/y manufacturing capacity

Optigen or second biggest product – with 7000t/y capacity and

Tier 2 as we call it or other blends of 7000T/y , adding to the 25,000T/y capabilities.

Bioplex ; This is our No1 selling Organic trace mineral supplement brand which uses  the fluid bed technology for manufacture.

The process begins with hydrolysing soya enzymatically in highly controlled environment for protein slicing , addition of in-oroganic minerals  to this hydrolysed soy at suitable temperature and ph to allow chelation of the minerals or making it organic and the last stage being drying this semisolid material using fluid bed dryer. This is different from the conventional spray drying as the product here more uniformly coloured, heavier, less dustier as the particle size is larger and can work at lower temperatures for specific products which have the chances of charring.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Dust- free, easy to use
  • Particle size /texture can be customised.
  • Less colour variation

Optigen ; Our largest selling dairy product, Optigen, slow release nitrogen , uses Alltech’s unique coating technology.

The process includes coating of urea at a suitable concentration, at suitable pH and temperatures conditions for a specific amount of time and drying to obtain uniformly coated prills. This technology helps provide the ruminants desirable quantities of nitrogen from Urea at a slow and sustained release rate, ensuring health and stable gut health of the animal.

Tier 2 blends - Here concentrates of various products are brought in from our parent company and blended to desired concentrations . Tier 2 blends include right from small packaging, as small as 500 gms to larger packing of upto 1T jumbo bags and includes both powder and liquid blends. Complete traceability of the products are maintained right from the receiving of raw materials till the product being despatched to end users.

Warehousing :

The current storage capacity of warehousing, which is on floor is about 1500T at any given point of time. With racking system this capacity can easily be doubled.  with 5 docking yards, the traffic movement of the incoming material to the outgoing finished product is minimised. Warehousing follows FIFO or First in first out system which is program controlled on the computer using AX system. This enables proper control on stocks and Lean Management. All the raw materials and finished goods undergo stringent quality checks before they are released for sale. We work with approved suppliers and transporters through our Alltech Quality Evaluation and approval program.

Certain raw materials are additionally screened and accepted by carrying out fumigation before bringing them inside the facility.

The warehouse is also equipped with fire hydrant system in case of fire, wherein the water sprinklers will automatically get started and douse the fire.

Quality Department:

This facility is ISO 22000:2005 certified and works in accordance with Alltech’s global quality standards, Alltech Quality System (AQS). Good manufacturing practices with HACCP and complete traceability of entire production process is at the core of our quality standards. We are in the process of Fami-Qs certification.