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Farmers see proven results with KEENAN nutrition program

Neilius and Con O' Sullivan with their KEENAN diet feeder

Con and Neilius O’Sullivan operate a spring and autumn calving dairy herd in Athea, Co. Limerick, milking 120 Holstein Friesian cows. When planning for the autumn and winter season of 2020, the O’Sullivans had decided on three main objectives for their herd:

  • Implement a dry cow programme
  • Increase kilos of milk solids produced
  • Buffer feeding at the shoulders of the year

The O’Sullivans conducted research on how they could achieve these objectives and, as a result, decided to purchase a diet feeder, buying a KEENAN MechFiber 340 Approved in July 2020  from David Nolan, KEENAN’s regional business manager. This was the O’Sullivans’ first diet feeder; previously, they used a tractor bucket and silage grab. With their purchase, 12 months of InTouch nutrition support was included as part of the package.

“The nutrition support alongside the KEENAN machine has been great,” said the O’Sullivans. “We would have been lost without it.”

Through the implementation of the KEENAN Proven Results program, Neilius and Con produced an extra 98,000 litres between January and May 2021 in comparison to the same period in 2020. Regional InTouch nutritionist Seamus Millea introduced a controlled, high-energy, high-fibre diet onto the O’Sullivans’ farm, which has resulted in fewer metabolic issues and less body condition loss in early lactation.

In 2020, the O’Sullivans’ herd produced 475 kg of milk solids, and they are on target to produce upwards of 540 kg in 2021. Individually, their cows are up 716 litres, on average — an increase of 63 kg of milk solids. The O’Sullivans also fed an extra 205kg of concentrate per cow in 2021 in comparison to the previous year.

“This was our first year with the KEENAN, and the difference with the cows has been phenomenal,” said Neilius. “We wanted to be able to buffer in the shoulders of the year to drive on production. The dry cow program was another reason we made the purchase, and we have gotten the results we wanted from it.”

The implementation of the dry cow diet has made a considerable difference to the O’Sullivans’ herd, resulting in no animal health issues at calving and excellent milk production immediately after calving.

The KEENAN Proven Results program assists farmers in achieving their on-farm production objectives through four steps:

  • Step 1: Conduct a remote farm assessment. An InTouch feeding specialist will assess your current herd performance.
  • Step 2: Create a tailored InTouch plan. We identify a production target for you to achieve within one year. You receive a tailored plan unique to your herd.
  • Step 3: Go on a commissioning visit. We give you a tour of your new machine and guide you through how to use the KEENAN Controller.
  • Step 4: We’re always here to help. You will be provided with consistent support throughout the year from the InTouch team, who are here to help you achieve your production goals.

The KEENAN Proven Results program is open to both new and existing customers. Contact your KEENAN regional business manager today to arrange a free remote farm assessment and to find out what production increases your herd can achieve.