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The Alltech® Mineral Management program provides 100% organic trace minerals for poultry farming. It is better absorbed, efficiently utilised, and better stored by the birds. Studies have shown that Bioplex® organic trace elements used in lower amounts maintain the same performance. Bioplex is also more cost effective to use and causes less harm to the environment. Wave goodbye the old farming methods and start adopting the Alltech Mineral Management program! 

Bioplex® B is the perfect answer for modern poultry. Designed to reach the genetic potential of modern poultry, Bioplex B not only enhances fertility and feed eciency but also delivers better profitability. Bioplex B strictly follows the Q+ (Quality Plus) Program for quality control and strict monitoring of dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls and heavy metal contaminants, before and after the production process. It ensures the quality and safety of each batch of products, so that feed manufacturers and chicken farms can use it with confidence.