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How are mycotoxins threatening aquaculture production?

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing protein globally, and by 2030, 60% of fish available for food consumption will be farmed. To ensure the industry can provide for this increased demand, fish feed production and formulation must become more sustainable. This means reducing the use of traditional marine ingredients in favor of more plant-based aquatic materials. However, this process introduces its own set of issues, especially creating an exposure pathway for mycotoxins in aquaculture. 

Mycotoxins are invisible, toxic chemical compounds produced by molds and fungi present in plants. They can be introduced into animal production through feed ingredients and impair optimum performance by affecting intestinal, organ and immune systems, which has a subsequent negative impact on business profitability.

Alltech’s Asian Aqua Mycotoxin Analysis

To truly understand the potential threat of mycotoxins in aquaculture, we must first uncover how prevalent these hidden compounds are across our plant-based feed ingredients. The Alltech Asian Aqua Mycotoxin Analysis has endeavored to comprehensively illustrate the true mycotoxin landscape throughout Asian aquaculture. Led by Henry Wong, Alltech Aqua’s commercial development director, and utilizing the Alltech 37+ mycotoxin analysis, we have investigated almost 200 finished feed and raw material samples from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia and Vietnam. Conducted using Alltech 37+ mycotoxin analysis and Alltech RAPIREAD®, the survey data is compiled into a free downloadable report, providing you with insights and advice to tackle any mycotoxin challenges in your aquaculture production.  

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