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Alltech ONE Conference features tracks focused on the most relevant topics in agriculture and beyond

March 30, 2022
The Alltech ONE Conference offers in-person and virtual insights from leading experts in agriculture and beyond.

The Alltech ONE Conference offers in-person and virtual insights from leading experts in agriculture and beyond.

The Alltech ONE Conference (ONE) will feature tracks that will uncover the challenges and opportunities in agriculture, business, health and wellness, and professional development. Now in its 38th year, Alltech’s global agri-food conference continues to be an invaluable resource, uniting thought leaders and changemakers in an exploration of the power of science, sustainability and storytelling. This annual flagship event will be held May 22–24, both in person in Lexington, Kentucky, and virtually on a first-class platform, with live-streaming keynote and select on-demand track presentations available to ensure accessibility to everyone, everywhere.


Many topics* are slated for discussion at ONE, including:    



  • Holistic Gut Health: The Latest Improvements in Fish Nutrition
  • Inside Out: Developing Healthy Skin, Guts and Gills
  • Wave of the Future: Exciting New Developments in Aqua-Tech
  • Aqua Investors: The Big Bad Wolves — or Our Rescuers?
  • Aqua On Top: Building on Aquaculture's Unfair (Sustainable) Advantage


  • Beef and Global Food Security: Resource-Use Efficiency for Protein Production
  • Looking Ahead: Consumer Trends and Beef Production Systems
  • Beef x Dairy: A Growing Link in the Supply Chain
  • Beef and Global Food Security: Resource-Use Efficiency for Protein Production
  • Better Connection: Why This Telecommunications Company Invests in Beef
  • Better Beef: Exploring the Need for Innovation in the Beef Industry
  • A New Day for Beef: Turning Sustainability Challenges Into Opportunities
  • A Blueprint for Success: Getting Team Buy-In for New Products
  • Organic Trace Minerals and Their Impact on Fetal Programming

Crop Science

  • Little Bugs, Big Impact: Soil Microbes and Fertility
  • Planting the Seed: Growing Through Strategic Partnerships
  • The Growing Field of Crop Science: Performance, Sustainability and Innovation
  • Bridging the Gap: Merging Conventional and Biological Innovations to Drive Crop Productivity
  • Soil Biological Analysis: A Simple Tool for On-Farm Soil Health Assessments


  • Dairy Market Trends: Making Predictions During a Pandemic
  • Dairy Gone Digital: Sustainability and On-Farm Technologies
  • Planning for Success: Animal and Human Welfare on Dairy Operations
  • Crème de la Crème: Large Herd Management in the Desert
  • Predictions and Positioning for the Next 10 Years
  • Chewing the Cud: Transparency and Communication in the Dairy Industry
  • Sharing the Plate: Exploring Byproduct Utilization
  • Bringing Data to Sustainability: Alltech E-CO2
  • Lessons Learned: Sustainability Goals for the Dairy Industry
  • Transition to a Successful Lactation Cycle


  • Exceptional Equines: All About Regenerative Medicine for Horses
  • Taking Flight: Finding a Niche in the Horse Business
  • Forage Quality: How Is It Measured, and Why Is It Important for Your Horse?
  • Recipe for Success: How Mrs. Pastures Became the Top Horse Treat in America
  • Achieving Greatness: Olympic Dreams — and A Lot of Hard Work
  • Start 'Em Young: Building the Equine Bone Matrix
  • Not Just a One-Trick Pony: 10 Great Social Media Strategies
  • The Significance of Selenium: Exploring A Decade of Research


  • The Golden Years: Strategies for Senior Pet Health
  • Your Pet and You: Pet and Human Crossover Trends and Insights
  • Brain Power: Supporting Our Pets' Cognitive Health at All Life Stages
  • The Truth About Pet Food Mergers and Acquisitions: Revelations from an Industry Insider
  • Planet-Friendly Pets: Sustainability Hot Topics in the Pet Industry


  • The Zinc Oxide Ban: Nutritional Ramifications and Global Implications
  • Caring for Disease-Challenged Pigs: Can Changing Nutrient Sources Affect Their Performance?
  • The Buzz About Xylanase: Is It Here to Stay?
  • Transformational Trends: How Can the Swine Industry Meet Consumers' Demands?
  • Pork Producer Panel: The Challenges and Long-Term Effects of COVID-19
  • Long Live the Sow: Protecting Your Herd
  • Sustainability in Pork Production: The New Normal
  • Developing a Productive Gilt: How Nutrition Affects Lactation
  • Sow Mortality: Addressing an Industry-Wide Issue
  • Smart Farms: Integrating AI and IoT Into Commercial Pig Operations


  • Protection Through Immunity: A Holistic Approach to Poultry Production
  • Leveling Up: Improving Sustainability at Each Stage of Poultry Production
  • Knowing Poultry Consumers and Delivering What They Want
  • Antibiotic Resistance: A Hidden Problem for Poultry Production
  • We're All in This Together: How COVID-19 Impacted the Poultry Industry
  • Poultry Innovations: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Going?
  • Driving Demands: Shifting the Focus to Poultry Welfare
  • Efficient, Sustainable Performance: The Impact of Organic Trace Minerals
  • Balancing Animal Welfare and Sustainability: A Global Panel Discussion
  • Understanding Coccidiosis: A Proactive Approach to a Major Poultry Challenge



  • The Power of Why: Aligning Business With Purpose
  • Price Pressure: Doing Business During a Pandemic
  • Business as (Un)usual: Embracing New Models
  • From the Great Resignation to the Great Re-Engagement
  • From Soil to Slainté: Making Irish Whiskey
  • Echoes of War: The Global Impact of Conflict
  • Making Moves: Turning a Vision Into Reality
  • Partnering for Success: Why Business is Better Together


Health and Wellness

  • The Science of Happiness: How to Make it Work for You
  • Eating for Health and the Planet: A Guide to a Sustainable Diet
  • Managing Stress and Overcoming Burnout: How to Live With Intention and Purpose
  • It's Not Just Your Genes: Understanding the Equation That Drives Your Health
  • Migraines and the Diet: The Myths vs. the Facts
  • The Promise of Health Through Agriculture



  • Neurogastronomy: A Road to Global Health and a Planet of Plenty
  • The Neuroscience of Flavor and Flavor Manipulation
  • Extraordinary Eating: Enhancing Food Health and Flavor Through Neurogastronomy
  • Food, Farming and You: What Neurogastronomy Can Teach Us About the World
  • How We Eat is Who We Are: Gastronomy as a Shared Destiny


Stay Curious

  • Redefining Resilience: Know Your Achilles Heel
  • Crossed Wires: Culture and Communication
  • Pitch With a Purpose: Innovation Driven by Compassion
  • If I Can: Limitless Potential In Practice
  • Pulling Up a Chair: Inclusion as a Key to Success
  • Safety First: The Non-Negotiable of Psychological Security
  • Do Things, Tell People: The Power of Personal Branding and Social Media Storytelling
  • The Power of Purpose
  • Meaningful Career Connections
  • XYZ: Leading the Alphabet Soup of Generations
  • Winning Body Language for a Successful Career


*Topics are subject to change. Some track topics are virtual or in-person only. Check the agenda for details.  


In addition to the many track topics, ONE attendees will be inspired by keynote speakers who have unleashed the power of innovation and courageous leadership to make a positive impact, including:

  • Mick Ebelingfounder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs and author of “Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn’t Be Done,” will take the ONE mainstage in person, and his presentation will also be live-streamed for those joining virtually.
  • Paul Polman, presenting virtually at ONE, has been described by the Financial Times as “a standout CEO of the past decade”. While serving as the CEO of Unilever, he stopped reporting quarterly earnings to focus on a long-term strategy that would successfully double revenues while reducing the company’s environmental impact by half.   
  • Heather White, author, founder and CEO of “OneGreenThing,” will present on the mainstage at ONE, and her presentation will also be live-streamed for those joining virtually. She brings two decades of environmental advocacy work and national nonprofit leadership to life with her joyful and practical book, "One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet".
  • Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, will welcome all ONE attendees, both in-person and virtually. Based on Alltech’s belief that agriculture has the greatest potential to shape our world’s future, he launched the company’s vision of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™ in 2019. He has called for collaboration to improve nutrition, human and animal well-being, and the replenishment of natural resources.
  • Nikki Putnam Badding, will present in-person and virtually during ONE about the crucial importance of making nutrition accessible to all. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, she brings human health expertise to her role as managing director and chief dietitian of Acutia, Inc., an Alltech company.
  • Dr. Karl Dawson, scientific advisor with Alltech, will join the keynote lineup in person and virtually to discuss how animal agriculture can be part of the solution to improving sustainability.

As the Alltech ONE Conference returns live to Lexington, Kentucky, after being a virtual-only event for the past two years, it will also feature a weekend of fun-filled activities for all. For more details about the ONE Weekend activities and tours, visit

Registration for the Alltech ONE Conference is open at Home - The Alltech ONE Conference. Join the conversation across social media with #AlltechONE.