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Alltech Crop Science expands Liqui-Plex® product line in Canada

February 17, 2022
Image of Liqui-Plex product lineup


Alltech Crop Science expands Liqui-Plex® product line in Canada


[GUELPH, Canada] – Alltech Crop Science, the agronomic division of Alltech, is proud to announce Liqui-Plex® Mn, the latest addition to the Liqui-Plex® line of products, which also includes Liqui-Plex®  Cu and Liqui-Plex®  Zn. Approved for use across Canada for all agriculture and horticulture crops, Liqui-Plex products provide the right nutrients at the right time to help plants deal more efficiently with environmental and other stressors, in addition to improving overall plant health.


The Alltech Crop Science Liqui-Plex line of products has the added benefit of being able to be applied with both dry and liquid fertilizers, so the versatility of the products can improve growers’ existing management practices. A unique benefit of Liqui-Plex Mn is that 100% of the manganese is bioavailable. It is also complexed with 18 essential amino acids that aid in quick nutrient uptake and provide energy to the plant immediately after application. 


“We are pleased to be able to offer Canadian producers a new 10% manganese option that is differentiated using Alltech’s amino acid and fermentation technology,” said Jeff Crampton, Alltech Crop Science Canadian manager. “The addition of Liqui-Plex Mn complements our current product portfolio and provides more solutions for farmers facing nutrient deficiencies.”


The Canadian crop science product portfolio from Alltech Crop Science includes four pillars in the bio-solutions space that cover soil, performance, nutrition and protection segments of crop inputs and includes products such as Crop-Set®, Soil-Set®, Grain-Set® and Agro-Mos®.


“Nutrient deficiency can affect the plant at various stages of growth, from seeding through harvest — lowering yield and marketability,” said Crampton. “With the expansion of our Canadian portfolio, growers have increased options for responding to their crop’s needs.”


For more information, contact Jeff Crampton at, Chad Nelson, Alltech Crop Science technical sales representative, at, or visit  






Jenn Norrie

Communications Manager, North America and Europe; (403) 863-8547

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