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2023 Canada Harvest Analysis

Mycotoxin insights to empower your nutritional strategy

Are you fully equipped to act both early and effectively against mycotoxin risk?

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All feed and livestock producers face challenges from hidden mycotoxins in their feed ingredients, and before you can mitigate the issue, you must first understand the risks in your region.

That’s where Alltech comes in. Each year we test over 1,000 samples in our leading-edge labs, tracking and analyzing a wide range of both established and emerging mycotoxins. Then we create reports customized to each region, providing producers with information and advice targeted specifically to their current mycotoxin challenges.

Join the Alltech 2023 Canadian Harvest Analysis to uncover these hidden risks and empower yourself with insights that will revolutionize your feed decisions.

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Discover the harvest story of Canada

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As we gather the bounty of Canada's harvest, we must understand the unique challenges and opportunities shaped by this year's weather. The Western prairies have experienced below-normal precipitation, affecting wheat and barley production. Late-season rainfall on droughted crops may lead to increased mycotoxin production.

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