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Improve FCE and boost margins

November 11, 2019

Producers are being urged to keep a close eye on feed conversion this winter, with just a 0.1 change affecting milk yields by as much as two litres per cow per day.

Alltech's Louise Clarke says that many herds are not achieving the minimum target for feed conversion efficiency (FCE) of 1.5 "And this is contributing to an overall under-utilisation of feed inputs and, ultimately, lost profitability. She adds that the recent Alltech feed waste reduction and utilisation on-farm pilot study showed a wide variation in FCE across UK dairy units.

"The average FCE was 1.2, while some high performing herds were reaching 1.7. It's important to note that 1.7 is the maximum to aim for because beyond this cows could start milking off their backs."

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