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Unparalleled Mycotoxin Testing in full swing

The Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis, a mass spectrometry-based analytical method, brings unparalleled mycotoxin testing and surveying expertise to the agriculture industry.

With more than 22,000 samples analysed and more than 2.5 million data points collected worldwide, this practical approach, which has been adapted to animal nutrition, is making a critical difference in better understanding mycotoxin issues and their distribution. The key is a multiplex approach that monitors mycotoxin co-occurrence and provides a snapshot of information on up to 50 different mycotoxins, any time and on any sample.

 Despite the use of field control and prevention strategies, mycotoxin risk is unavoidable. Simultaneously assessing the presence of mycotoxins and the level of contamination, has enabled us to develop assessment programs that give comprehensive insights into the mycotoxin issue at hand and allow us to implement a mitigation strategy that works in synergy with animal production.

From the surveying work that we have conducted, it is evident that the mycotoxin threat is multifactorial, involving, on average, five co-occurring mycotoxins in every feed tested. As such, using broad-spectrum mitigation strategies is the key to the management of unsuspected and ever-changing mycotoxin contamination profiles. Understanding the biological mechanisms behind the synthesis of complex carbohydrates and discovering the macromolecular structures implicated in their interaction with mycotoxins, has provided us with key factors to help us understand the attributes of an effective adsorbent.

From in vitro to in vivo, from zootechnical evaluation to fine pharmacokinetics studies, Mycosorb products have been investigated and have demonstrated their ability to mitigate the impact of mycotoxins in different animal species.

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