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Animal Nutrition Articles

Identifying critical control points to slash physical feed waste and under utilisation

With feed the single biggest variable cost, Somerset dairy farm manager Ben Yates has partnered with Alltech to understand where feed losses are occurring and the financial opportunity behind these losses. Dairy Farmer reports. 

Take the heat out of production

It seems timely writing a blog about heat stress exactly one week from the summer solstice.

Mycosorb A+® latest Alltech solution to be certified by the Carbon Trust

Against a backdrop of diminishing natural resources, a changing climate and a growing population, sustainability is quickly becoming a non-negotiable for businesses and for agriculture.

Optigen® joins line-up of Alltech solutions certified by the Carbon Trust to reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint…

From precision nutrition that minimises waste to environmental analytical services, Alltech is helping producers lower their carbon footprint while increasing their profitability.

Losing Butterfat at Grazing?

Butterfat levels experience the most turmoil in the spring, when cows are grazing lush grass with a high sugar content, as well as in the summer, when they are faced with varied grazing rounds and the potential effects of heat stress.

From breeding to feeding your next show success

Picture the scene: your favourite cow has finally calved — the long wait is over!

Clamp consolidation and sealing key part of the puzzle in cutting feed waste and improving margins

With up to 25 percent of silage dry matter losses occurring during storage, farmers are being encouraged to focus on clamp consolidation and sealing to preserve better quality forage and reduce feed waste.

Managing maize mycotoxins to reduce feed waste starts in the field

Farmers are being encouraged to start managing the mycotoxin risk in maize crops at planting, in order to reduce feed waste further down the line.

The proof is in the cudding

Not all yeasts are created equal; strains differ the same way breeds of cow differ.

Yea-Sacc® from Alltech is certified by the Carbon Trust to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy and beef…

Alltech continues its commitment to improving the health and performance of animals and protecting the environment through scientific innovation.