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Feed is the single biggest variable cost on-farm and the most instrumental driver of wider input utilisation. As much as 45 percent of all grown and purchased feed inputs are either lost or under-utilised from field to milk, equating to a financial impact of almost £1 for every £3 spent. ​

Alltech® Navigate™ is the pioneering advice service designed to help farmers drive profit margins through reducing feed waste and optimising input utilisation over the entire feed process in four key stages: in the FIELD; during STORAGE; at FEED-OUT; and inside the COW.​

​The three-step process to NAVIGATE™ higher margins from feed inputs:​

​Step 1 – ASSESS critical pinch-points across the whole feed process ​

Step 2 – ANALYSE financial opportunities behind these losses​

Step 3 – ACTION recommendations to better utilise invested input