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ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference will explore disruptions in health, wellness and food

April 27, 2017

ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference will feature discussions for the food industry, medical community and the simply curious with topics ranging from disease-fighting strategies to consumer-driven disruptions.

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] — ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE17), held May 21–24 in Lexington, Kentucky, will host focus sessions specifically dedicated to health, wellness and food. Food business leaders, members of the medical community and the simply curious will gather for thought-provoking discussions ranging from disease-fighting strategies to consumer-driven disruptions within the food business.

“From issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and accessible, affordable medical care to ‘free-from’ food sales, disruption is rife and it will keep pressing forward, with or without us,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. “ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference is about equipping you to embrace disruption in such a way that you in fact become the driver of disruption in your industry. It’s about innovative, practical ideas and the inspiration to go out and make those ideas happen.”

ONE17 Health and Wellness session

  • Disrupting the Medical Hierarchy: Could big expenses and long waits become a thing of the past? SuKarne disrupted medical care in Mexico, providing 6.5 million patients across three main campuses and 52 satellite clinics with accessible and affordable care. What could we learn from their model?
  • The Zika Virus: Could we be using existing biological tools to tackle a global disease?
  • Hide and Seek: How Do We Avoid the Disruptive Messages and Protect Our Health?: Information is everywhere, but what is true? How can we trust the messages coming from “big food companies?”
  • India: Three Game Changers: India is a land of 1.2 billion people with massive opportunities yet major health problems. From two in a bed in maternity wards to a looming diabetes epidemic rooted in shifting diets that include more and more sugar, what can be done?
  • Current Knowledge and Perspectives on Alzheimer’s Disease: Where is Research Taking Us?: Where has medical research taken us in the last 20 years, and what can we expect for the future?
  • Are Hidden Food Sensitivities Disrupting Your Well-Being?: A new world of food sensitivities is changing the way people eat. What does this mean for the health and food industries? Is food the new medicine?

ONE17 Food session

  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free: Are These Diets Here to Stay?: “Free-from” food sales have skyrocketed in recent years. Is this a lasting trend, and what are the opportunities?
  • Craft Beer Disrupting Supermarkets: Lessons from craft beer on how to stand out on crowded supermarket shelves.
  • Disrupting the International Marketplace: Dean & DeLuca: What lessons can we learn from this international company disrupting the food chain?
  • Supermarket Senior Center: The Millennial Perspective of Grocery Stores: What can supermarkets do to appeal to uninterested millennials?
  • Barbarians at the Food Industry Gate: How will mergers and acquisitions in food affect you?
  • Why Kitchen Tables Matter: The Lost Art of Eating: As consumers gain speed and convenience in their food choices, what’s been lost? Rediscover the hidden truths of the kitchen table and how they just might change how you eat your next meal.

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Register before May 1 to save $200 on your passport to innovative ideas at ONE17. ONE17 is approved for 7 ARPAS and 35 AAVSB RACE continuing education units.

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