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Animal Nutrition Products

Acid-Pak 4-Way 2x

Acid-Pak 4-Way 2X® is a unique technology designed to help “feed the gut” and equip animals with the best foundation for healthy growth and natural defenses.


Actigen® is a safe and traceable technology developed through nutrigenomics that helps animals of all species to thrive and reach their genetic potential.

All-Lac® Paste

All-Lac® Paste is a natural probiotic which helps establish a stable and healthy microflora in the gut.  A fully prepared ready-to use oral paste, available in a 300m tube, requiring a specially de


•    A combination product tailored to help rumen health, gut health and overall immunity

Allzyme SSF

Allzyme® SSF allows for flexibility in feed formulation through the inclusion of byproducts and alternative raw materials, or by reducing the nutrient density in the diet.


Effective during all phases of growth, Bio-Mos® is designed to feed the gastrointestinal tract, thereby maximizing performance and profitability.


Bioplex® minerals are trace minerals that are bound to amino acids and a range of peptides. They are easily absorbed and readily metabolized, optimizing animal performance.


De-Odorase® keeps manure odor and ammonia at levels condusive to maintaining respiratory health. This creates a healthier environment, not only for the animal, but also for the producer.


DEMP® is a revolutionary microbial protein technology designed to provide a unique, high quality protein source that delivers a complete array of essential amino acids to the cow.


Economase™ is a proprietary blend of ingredients that maximizes and maintains the antioxidant status of the animal.

Energy BC

Energy BC is a protected fat that delivers a lot of energy in a very low volume (36mj/kg), helping promote body condition and fertility.  Helps provide energy that is required to support high milk


Fibrozyme uses enzyme technology to  unlock more of the nutrients in fibrous feeds, which means more energy available in every mouthful.


LIFEFORCE™ is a daily nutritional supplement that consists of more than 30 years of Alltech’s scientifically proven, fully traceable technologies.


Mold-Zap® is designed to inhibit mold growth, to retain dry matter and nutrients, for less top spoilage and it is also designed for less deterioration (dry matter loss).


Mycosorb is a nutritional technology with proven efficacy to support herd health and performance. The hydrolyzed yeast-based solution helps cows achieve their true potential.


•    A unique dry powder bedding conditioner and drying agent for all animal species •    Significantly reduces the moisture in bedding, thus promoting cleaner, drier animals


Research has shown that including NuPro® in the diets of young animals can enhance animal performance, reduce cost of production and enhance profitability.


Optisync® is Alltech's non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source for ruminants. It concentrates the nitrogen fraction of the diet, creating dry matter space for more fiber and energy.


Supported by more than 19 years of research, Sel-Plex® is also the most proven form of selenium-enriched yeast. Sel-Plex optimizes performance and supports mineral retention.


Yea-Sacc® provides the nutritional platform needed to sustain higher milk production, maintain condition in high producers, and enhance digestibility.