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Revitalising the soil

Many factors influence agronomic production but a healthy agribiome is foundational to a crop reaching its fullest genetic potential. Alltech’s soil health solutions—the result of advanced research in specific bacterial metabolites and enzymatic compounds—help plants establish a strong foothold. The global range includes soil activators, microbial inoculants, and fertilizers. Soil health is essential to plant health and these biodiscretionary technologies foster the development of beneficial soil microbes that assist in the breakdown of residual crop material, increase the nutrient availability and enhance root growth.

A healthy agribiome

Many factors influence crop production. Adequate preparation shrinks the gap between genetic potential and crop performance. As plants grow, nutrients are removed from the soil, understanding the soil and nurturing it to support plant growth is therefore necessary. To ensure the soil is replenished each season, particular attention should be paid to fertility, pH, structure (tilth), organic matter content, drainage, tillage practices, site selection, evaluation and preparation, and viable microfauna and microflora populations.

Retaining moisture and beneficial soil bacteria

Not all soil microorganisms are detrimental to crop production. In fact, a healthy rhizosphere and root zone promotes crop performance. Activating soil microflora and managing soil microbes is an important step to increasing plant vigor, while reducing soil-borne pathogens. Beneficial microorganisms are the keys to improved soil fertility and root health.