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It's all on CountryTV

Country TV recently celebrated 11 years of being on-air. When the term ‘on-air’ is used, this refers to broadcast television.

Being 100% kiwi-owned and produced, the one aspect that separates Country TV to other TV channels in New Zealand, is the focus on rural New Zealanders. This is supported with the rich selection of programmes of the very best in agriculture, local news and current affairs, international and local equestrian, rural lifestyle, country music and rural sports. “We pride ourselves on delivering to viewers what they want to see and engage in, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy, with a balanced mix of local and international programmes”, said Helen Ryan, General Manager.

Country TV’s flagship News programme ‘The Daily Report’, is presented by veteran broadcaster Mark Leishman. Airing weeknights, the bulletin includes a 10-day long-range weather forecast - the most in-depth weather forecast on any television channel in NZ, and is delivered by our most recent addition to the Country TV family, Aaron Wilkinson from

In a recent survey conducted by Sky TV, more than 84% of current viewers said they intended to stay with the channel in the next 12 months. This continued pattern reaffirms that we have NZ’s most loyal viewers watching and enjoying Country TV.

Country TV’s operation is Auckland based, and consists of a small team of 5 - all from various backgrounds and experience. Being such a small team, there’s a lot of multi-tasking, where everyone pitches in when necessary. In any one day, your role could diversify from editing, to location filming, to recording an interview in our studio, or making a cup of tea for a guest.

Over the years Country TV has enjoyed strong relationships with various partners, including Alltech and the FEI (Federation Equestrian International). Branding ourselves the Home of Equestrian, we have since our inception been the ‘go to’ channel for horse lovers.

We have a very strong following of the equestrian community, due to not only delivering the most high-end equestrian programmes, but also being the only broadcast channel to consistently have this genre on-air.

In 2019 to complement the broadcast channel, Country TV launched their online and video on demand platform. This was to enable everyone in NZ could access the channel. The livestream is a mirror of what you would see on Sky, and can be viewed on most devices. In due course, we will be launching an App to make the experience an even better one.

Country TV is a subscription model and may be tax deductible for farmers and those working in agribusiness sectors.

For a taste of what Country TV is about, click here, we hope you enjoy!