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Yea-Sacc® from Alltech is certified by the Carbon Trust to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy and beef animals


Alltech’s flagship brand, Yea-Sacc®, has been validated by the Carbon Trust to reduce cattle methane emissions and nitrogen excretion rates. Yea-Sacc is the only yeast culture designed for use in ruminant diets that has been awarded this certificate. The Carbon Trust, a global organization that provides independent advice to businesses, governments and institutions on reducing carbon emissions, formed an opinion based on evidence from public research and on-farm trials demonstrating the efficacy of Yea-Sacc in ruminant diets.

The Carbon Trust’s findings on Yea-Sacc highlighted that reduced emissions do not need to come at the expense of improved animal performance; Yea-Sacc was shown to increase milk yield, milk fat and protein content, and nitrogen uptake via improved ruminal bacteria.

“This recognition from the Carbon Trust is another hugely exciting milestone for Yea-Sacc, the product that put Alltech on the map in the early 1980s,” said Matthew Smith, Alltech vice president.

In dairy and beef animals, methane is an indicator of waste not only for the animal, but also in terms of farm profitability. Increasing animal efficiency helps the animal retain more of that potential energy. This allows for both more environmentally sustainable production as well as increased profitability for the farm.

“For many years, Alltech has been working with farmers to help them determine exactly where their operations fit into the emissions picture and to reduce their carbon footprint,” continued Smith. “The Carbon Trust certification is a significant development for Alltech and for our customers, who are equally as committed to reducing farming’s impact on the environment.”

Alltech continues to enhance its portfolio of solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on farms as it contributes toward sustaining and nourishing the world’s plants, animals and people.