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Launceston Farming Family See Benefits of KEENAN Approved Range

Launceston Farming Family See Benefits of KEENAN Approved Range

When a farmer invests in a mixer wagon, they want a reliable and profitable feeding system. KEENAN has addressed this with its’ KEENAN Approved mixer wagon range of used machines.

The KEENAN Approved machines also deliver the legendary KEENAN MechFiber benefits on –farm.  All machines have to pass a 60-point health check by a KEENAN engineer, giving farmers the confidence to buy a machine of the highest quality – but with the lower cost of ownership. In fact, a KEENAN Approved can be purchased for as little as £50 per week!

Cornish dairy farmer Neil Harvey has certainly experienced the benefits of a KEENAN Approved. In fact, he has now purchased three of these since buying his first KEENAN in 1993. “I’m now on my third, and they come onto the farm looking very good, are extremely reliable and are an affordable option for any livestock farmer” says Neil.

Neil farms in partnership with his brothers Raymond and Ian and the farm has been in the family since our father bought it in 1946,” says Neil.

Wiggaton Farm covers some 250 acres with 100 rented, and they have a mixed herd of Holstein Friesians Ayrshires and Holstein Friesian crosses. “This may seem like a strange cross” says Neil “but we find that they are hardier cattle than the Holsteins, smaller to fit our cubicles and milk longer.” The Ayrshires were introduced onto the farm a few years ago by their herdsman, and Neil laughs when he says that they are now producing “speckled cows”

The cows are averaging 8,500 litres with 4.1% butterfat and 3.2% protein. The Harvey’s rear all their own replacements and calve all-year-round. Including heifers and calves, there is currently350 head of stock on the farm

The KEENAN works very hard on the farm, feeding all the stock.  “All the young stock, up to a year old, are fed barley straw from the mixer wagon, and after that a total mixed ration (TMR) which could contain up to 30% straw.”

The dry cows are fed a TMR consisting mainly of straw, silage and crimped wheat.  “I don’t want them to get too fat “explains Neil “and we find that they calve easier. In fact, we very rarely have a vet out to a calving”.  The dung is firmer on this ration, and this is crucial as there is limited slurry storage on the follower and young stock unit.

In the summer the milkers are buffered with a TMR once daily, and in the winter twice daily. The herd graze from early April to the end of October, (weather permitting) “In a good year, we get six and a half months of grazing” comments Neil.  When housed, cows are fed a TMR that includes straw, molasses, crimped barley, a pre-mixed blend, grass and maize silage.

The wagon is also fitted with KEENAN InTouch technology, which helps Neil to monitor and control feed costs. The box is fitted to the machine and Neil says that it is “incredibly easy” to use. Is “fool-proof and makes feeding simple and cost effective.”

KEENAN South West Regional Salesman, Colm O’Loughlin says “When you buy one of these machines, KEENAN makes sure that there will be no scary secrets waiting to jump out on a Sunday morning!  They are all prepared to enter the farm place ready to work and produce the best ration available.”