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Press Releases

Alltech has launched its first European-based in vitro fermentation laboratory, Alltech IFM™, in collaboration with Harper Adams University in the U.K.

New Alltech IFM™ laboratory opens at Harper Adams University to evaluate digestibility of ruminant ratio…

February 04, 2020

Development of more rumen-friendly rations to mitigate both environmental and physical feed waste can be achieved with Alltech IFM, a unique tool to support diet formulation

Alltech Global Feed Survey

Alltech Global Feed Survey reveals first production decline in nine years

January 27, 2020

The 2020 Alltech Global Feed Survey estimates that international feed tonnage decreased by 1.07% to 1.126 billion metric tons of feed produced last year, due largely to African swine fever (ASF) and the decline of pig feed in the Asia-…

Photo - cows standing in a burning field

Alltech launches relief effort for Australian farmers

January 17, 2020

The bushfires in Australia have destroyed an estimated 10 million hectares, claiming lives and killing wildlife and livestock. The Australia Farming Relief Fund will help provide goods and services directly to effected farmers, coordinated…