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Feedinfo: PERSPECTIVES: Alltech Highlights Importance of Proven Programmes in Reducing Farms Emissions & C02 Footprint

October 1, 2019

1 October 2019 - Alltech has issued a word of caution with regard to some technologies available that claim to reduce enteric methane emissions in ruminants. These can potentially have a negative impact on rumen bacteria and, ultimately, animal performance.

In today’s interview, Matthew Smith, Vice President, Alltech, stresses the importance of adopting tried and trusted programmes for reducing emissions and a farm’s carbon footprint via nutrition and feeds that are digestible and that maximise animal production and efficiency.

Via the firm’s offering combining Alltech E-CO2 carbon footprint assessments, Alltech IFM™ (an in vitro fermentation model which measures digestibility and gas production of diets), and Alltech nutritional solutions verified by the Carbon Trust, Alltech says it is already helping farmers globally to reduce their carbon footprint and has been collaborating with retailers and dairy and beef processors globally to do this.


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