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KEENAN teams up with plastic road company MacRebur to produce sustainable alternative to road plastic

MacRebur MechFiber Machine

KEENAN MechFiber300 machine used to mix waste plastic creating a bitumen replacement in road surface materials

[STAMFORD, England] – Irish-based machine manufacturing company, KEENAN, has supplied a MechFiber300 diet feeder, equipped with a KEENAN controller and InTouch feed management technology, to plastic roads company MacRebur. The machine will be used to mix granulated plastic waste with an activator developed by MacRebur to create a mix that will be distributed to asphalt producers.

KEENAN attended MacRebur’s recent open day to celebrate the opening of their new factory at its headquarters in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

“Quality is extremely important to us at MacRebur — we can’t have any variability in our batches, so we need to make sure our product is consistent,” said Gordon Reid, co-founder of MacRebur. “This is the main reason we chose KEENAN. In addition, the KEENAN controller enables us to use exactly the right amount of activator to create the correct blend.”

Alistair Morton, KEENAN regional business manager, said during initial discussions about collaborating with MacRebur, consistency of mix and the reliability of the machine were critical factors.

“As discussions progressed, we found that it was equally important to be able to monitor the consistency of the mix across the globe,” said Morton. “The KEENAN diet feeder combined with InTouch feed management technology allows MacRebur to achieve these goals.”

The KEENAN range of MechFiber machines use horizontal paddle action to produce an optimal mix that is never over- or under-processed. The KEENAN controller uses InTouch technology to offer real-time performance measuring and support service. It also gives clear instructions on the order and weight of ingredients, leading to maximised mix quality and consistency.

MacRebur uses plastic waste that is destined for landfills or incineration and adds it into asphalt that is ready for road construction and surfacing. This helps to extend and improve the bitumen binder, the liquid binder that holds asphalt together. Intensive studies have revealed plastic roads to be more robust and flexible, improving the lifespan up to 60 percent. The company plans to take this new style of recycling global, using local plastic waste for local roads.

“KEENAN are proud to be working with an innovative company such as, MacRebur, to help produce sustainable products, derived from non-recyclable waste plastic, which aids in reducing the carbon footprint”, said Morton.




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Left to right: Alistair Morton, KEENAN regional sales manager, and Gordon Reid, MacRebur co-founder, with the KEENAN MechFiber300, which will be used to mix plastic waste for plastic roads. Click here to download.

Left to right: Nick Burnett, MacRebur co-founder, and Alistair Morton, KEENAN regional sales manager, with the KEENAN MechFiber300, which will be used to mix plastic waste for plastic roads. Click here to download.


The KEENAN MechFiber300, which MacRebur will use to mix plastic waste for plastic roads, is equipped with a KEENAN controller and InTouch technology. Click here to download.


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