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Success with KEENAN Approved diet feeder

Image of Approved Used diet feeder

Richard Armstrong runs a mixed dairy and beef enterprise, along with his father and brothers, in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. His dairy herd consists of Holstein-Friesian cows, which are housed year-round. He also finishes Hereford offspring, along with a number of bought-in cattle.

Last year, Richard noticed increased sorting of silage, leading to unnecessary feed waste. To improve usage of his homegrown feed, Richard decided to purchase a KEENAN Approved-used diet feeder that yielded great results.


  • Higher feed intakes
  • Improved body condition
  • Less feed wastage
  • Reduced cost
  • Consistent ration mix


  • Fewer days to finish
  • Exact feed per head tracked (InTouch)
  • No overfeeding
  • Lower feed cost

KEENAN Approved-used diet feeders are fully refurbished machines that have undergone detailed reconditioning in the KEENAN factory (e.g. shot-blasted, painted, fitted with heavy-duty top knives, body blades, paddle rubbers and seals).


Richard’s rations consist of homegrown grass silage, barley, a balancer premix and AlltechMycosorb®.

“The KEENAN six-paddle system, supported by the InTouch nutritional team, ensures a consistent ration, making it easy to achieve the same mix quality every day, with less feed wastage.”

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