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IMPRO-SET is a foliar applied biostimulant formulation of high performance nutrients and growth factors derived from fermentation technology. Specifically formulated for fruit and vegetable production, IMPRO-SET technology provides the plant with elements essential to optimise metabolic function, thereby increasing fruit and vegetable yields and improving overall quality.

  • Increases marketable yield.
  • Improves crop quality parameters such as colour, sugars (BRIX), firmness and post-harvest quality.
  • Optimises crop uniformity and fruit size.
  • Provides nutrients essential to photosynthesis and other plant metabolic processes.
  • Stimulates plant favourable response to adverse or stressful situations to promote healthy plant growth
  • Approved for organic crop production according to EC 834/2007.

IMPRO-SET is recognised as a biostimulant in Ireland and the UK.