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Minerals that go to work, not to waste.

Are your minerals going down the drain?

Organic trace minerals BIOPLEX® and SEL-PLEX® from Alltech allow for greater bioavailability and better mineral absorption by your cows.

The more minerals taken up and utilised, the less excreted as waste.

Feeding minerals:

When we are feeding minerals, we need to focus on the form of those minerals. Research has proven that feeding trace minerals in an organic form, such as Alltech’s Bioplex® Copper and Zinc and Sel-Plex®, an organic form of selenium, have greater availability compared with inorganic forms, resulting in improved storage and utilisation by the animal.

These support the cow’s body systems, especially the immune system, and aids overall cow performance. An added value of feeding Bioplex and Sel-Plex minerals is that smaller quantities of these much more biologically active trace mineral sources can be fed, reducing levels excreted in the faeces. Also, we need to be aware that not all organic minerals are the same, which means bioavailability will vary from mineral to mineral.