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Mold-Zap is a powerful mold inhibitor used for animal feed and stored grain, comprised of buered propionic acid. The propionic acid in Mold-Zap is buered with ammonia through a special process that yields ammonium dipropionate resulting in lower pungency.

Mold-Zap® is designed to inhibit mold growth, to retain dry matter and nutrients, for less top spoilage and it is also designed for less deterioration (dry matter loss).MOLD-ZAP is comprised of buffered propionic acid. The attribute of propionic acid as a mould inhibitor require no introduction or reference. However, propionic acid alone is a very corrosive, paint-stripping, degreasing commodity with a high affinity for most seal/gasket materials. The propionic acid in MOLD-ZAP is buffered with ammonia in a special process which yields ammonium dipropionate.

Key benefits of MOLD-ZAP are:

  • kills a wide range of moulds found in feed
  • is infinitely stable
  • Safe to handle
  • Non-corrosive to machinery and operator friendly
  • Compatible with other feed ingredients and feed additives
  • Has prolonged action

Species : Ruminants, Aquaculture, Poultry

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