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Dairy Advantage Pak

Dairy Advantage Pak - Analysis of how nutrition affects calves at the gene level has led to the formation of the Alltech’s Dairy Advantage Pak. Dairy Advantage Pak is developed from a combination of technologies working in synergy to enhance gene expression benefiting animal performance.

Dairy Advantage Pak - I

The DAIRY ADVANTAGE PAK - I is a premium solution designed for high performing dairy herds to unlock genetic potential. It combines Alltech's scientifically - proven technologies at specific rates based on our nutrigenomics research and macro ingredients to improve milk production, without compromising fertility and health.

Dairy Solution Pak - I

The DAIRY SOLUTION PAK - I is designed to deliver more milk per animal per lactation, without compromising fertility or health. It combines Alltech's scientifically proven technologies into one solution to positively improve animal performance markers and ultimately drive economic returns.

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