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Solutions for the equine athlete

The recent Olympic Games in Tokyo have once again highlighted the stamina, resilience and devotion athletes give to their chosen sport. Equestrian events are the only sports where animals are involved. There you witness not only the dynamic discipline of the riders but the amazing performances of the horses as they jump, canter and perform vigorous routines. 

What does the equine athlete need to perform at their best? 

A million-dollar question, perhaps! A common suggestion is to “keep it simple” or “get back to basics.” We should not overlook core essentials in developing a top-notch product.

Alltech’s team of leading scientists has developed many successful products for the equine industry, including live yeast culture, chelated trace minerals and selenium yeast, mannan oligosaccharides, mycotoxin binders and other technologies based on yeast.

Alltech is committed to research and development, in combination with strict quality control and production standards, that guarantee the quality our customers demand.

Alltech offers two equine products that are internationally renowned and used by top riders.

LIFEFORCE is a once-a-day supplement crucial to maintaining a healthy horse and will benefit horses at all ages and levels of work. It contains Yea-Sacc® (yeast), Sel-Plex® (selenium) and Bioplex® organic trace minerals zinc, copper and manganese. The combination of these will support a properly functioning digestive tract in horses, helping to improve digestibility and stabilise the gut flora. These are essential elements for the equine species.  LIFEFORCE is available in two packaging sizes: 5 kg bucket and 1.7 kg pouch.

Mycosorb® is Alltech’s natural solution to mycotoxin challenges. Unfortunately, horses can be exposed to mycotoxins by eating any contaminated feed ingredients. The extent of this exposure will depend on how much of the contaminated ingredient has been fed. Mycosorb has been granted full registration from the Ministry for Primary Industries as a mycotoxin binder. Riders around the country absolutely love it and use it daily to maintain stability and optimise performance. Specially packaged for the equine community in 1 kg pails, it is available from the Alltech office in Auckland and distributors nationwide.

With summer months soon approaching, this is a good time to check on the health and performance of horses in the paddocks and stables. A checklist may include:

  • Normal gut function, which may just be a combination of management and animal factors
  • Organic mineral supplementation
  • Threat of mycotoxins

Safeguarding the health of your animals starts with the quality of your feed. The team at Alltech are here to help you with your equine friends. Call us on 0800 ALLTECH for support.