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A planet of plenty

Humans have always told stories. Story telling is still used today throughout society, to instruct, correct, promote, recruit, and inspire.  Why is story telling such a powerful means of communication? Perhaps because story telling can be a non-confrontational way to bring a message from the heart that speaks to the human experience.  The listener of a story can often relate to the story through their own experience, thus forming a communication link between the story teller and the listener.

New Zealand agriculture has so many good stories that can be told. We can tell the consumers about the diseases we do not have in this country, how animals convert inedible plant matter into edible human food, and how New Zealand produces enough food to feed 40 million people a year, and how the average New Zealand farm feeds 807 people around the world. Now that is a story worth telling.

This is only the beginning! Alltech is helping food producers worldwide to tell not only their story, but their sustainability story. Alltech has been researching and developing sustainability solutions for over 40 years. Today, Alltech helps farmers and food producers around the world to not only develop their own sustainability story, but also helps give them a global voice to share their inspiring stories and collaborate with others doing the same.

In a world where messages in the social media spread so fast, they are said to “go viral”.  As an industry agriculture needs to ask, “who is telling our stories”?  Story telling can be a great way to bring producers and consumers together, putting them on the one team, focusing attention on what really matters.

Alltech invites New Zealand farmers to view the inspirational stories and then to share their own inspiring stories of how they are helping to not only feed a hungry planet but improve the environment by visiting and telling their own story.

Consumers want good news, and our stories need to be told. They need to be told by us.