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Functional nutrients for aquaculture feed


Aquaculture has already demonstrated its crucial role in global food security, with its production growing at 7.5% per year since 1970. About 580 aquatic species are currently farmed all over the world. While aquaculture has the capacity for even further growth, it faces various enormous challenges, especially on the feed, with the growing intensification of production and the importance of harnessing sustainable ingredients with a lesser carbon footprint.

The 2019 Alltech Feed Survey shows that 40 metric tons of compound feeds are produced by aquaculture. Globally, there is a growing urgency for feed producers and farmers to align their focus on improving their farming systems' efficacy and sustainability.

Profitable aquaculture farming requires good growth, harvest yields and feed conversion.

Generally, fishmeal and fish oil are still considered the most nutritious and digestible ingredients for farmed fish. However, their inclusion rates in compound feeds for aquaculture have shown a clear downward trend, largely due to supply and price variation coupled with continuously increasing demand from the aquafeed industry for sustainable ingredients. Thereby one of the key challenges for the producers in today’s aquaculture industry is achieving the genetic potential of commercial fish and shrimp species while maintaining profitability and environmental sustainability.

This is made more challenging in an environment of high raw material costs and their variability.

Other challenges for aquaculture farmer include:

  1. How to improve feed conversion.

  2. Choosing the right ingredients.

  3. Achieving a faster growth rate.

  4. Improving immune response.

  5. Reduced mortality.

In addition to the general nutrition through the aquaculture feed, the application of functional ingredients in the feeds also provides health benefits that improve the tolerance of fish and shrimp to disease and stress challenges and help the farm achieve higher yields with a faster growth rate.

At Alltech, our goal is to provide sustainable solutions that are proven to support profitability in aquaculture, as well as performance in fish and shrimp.


NUPRO®: Functional Nutrient

NuPro® is manufactured through Alltech's proprietary process. Nucleotides, the building blocks of nucleic acids, NuPro is high in protein and a rich source of amino acids, vitamins, and inositol. These essential and functional ingredients boost the immune function of fish and shrimp and also ensure maximum return on investment.

NuPro is a high-quality, single-celled functional protein derived from yeast. It is manufactured via a proprietary Alltech process that contains highly concentrated levels of essential and functional nutrients that are important in the diets of shrimp and fish.

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10 reasons to consider making NUPRO® part of your sustainable feed ingredient:


  1. Functional nutrition: NuPro is a renewable source of functional nutrition, providing an alternative to fish oil and fish meal. A functional nutrient is a food, nutrient or dietary component that may provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Field and in vitro studies have shown improvements in average body weight and increased yields.


  1. An excellent source of nucleic acids and nucleoproteins: Nucleic acids and Nucleoproteins have been described as “conditionally essential” nutrients, as they demonstrate significant benefits where rapid cell proliferation is required. These conditions occur in rapidly growing animals and during times of stress or health challenges. NuPro supports digestive efficiency, as its nucleotide content improves gut health. Dietary nucleotides are more easily digestible.


  1. Environment: NuPro is a renewable, sustainable feed additive. Another benefit of using a yeast-based product is that they are low in phosphorus, which will mean less water and environmental pollution than fish meal and other plant-based alternative protein sources that contain high levels of phosphorus.


  1. Glutamic acid: NuPro enhances the attractability and palatability of aquafeeds. The concentrated amount of glutamate in NuPro yields high levels of glutamic acid, making it highly palatable. The key to its distinct flavor is short peptides and free amino acids, particularly glutamate. Concentrated glutamic acid makes NuPro highly palatable. Nucleotides such as5’-inosine monophosphate and 5’-guanosine monophosphate are known to enhance flavor, which can lead to faster growth and less feed wastage.


  1. Inositol and choline: NuPro is a source of inositol and choline in the diet. In fish, general symptoms of inositol deficiency are poor growth, distended stomach, increased gastric emptying time and skin lesions. For choline deficiency, associated symptoms are poor growth, poor food conversion and hemorrhagic kidney and intestine.


  1. Amino acids and peptides: NuPro is high in protein content, mainly in the form of amino acids and short peptides. It is also highly digestible, which leads to better nutrient absorption, especially in young animals with poorly developed digestive systems. The essential amino acids (EAA) profile of NuPro shows that all the typical EAA requirements for shrimp are met in this product.  Please ask for details.


  1. Reformulation: NuPro can be formulated as a protein to replace other protein sources. It has been successfully used as the sole protein source for several shrimp and fish species. NuPro is also a sustainable source of protein and, unlike simple proteins, provides important functional benefits.


  1. More efficient immune response: In commercial trials of shrimp and fish fed NuPro, the results have included faster growth rates, improved growth performance and higher daily weight gain. NuPro is rich in amino acids and short-chain peptides, which are easily absorbed. Trials have also shown improved feed conversion ratio and improved feed palatability, which means improved feed intake.

The research results showed an increased total hemocyte count, more granular hemocytes, better bacterial clearance following injection and a more efficient immune response.


  1. Quality (safe, consistent and traceable): NuPro is produced through the Alltech® Quality System, which adheres to all global standards, including ISO 22000, HACCP-certified, FAMIQS, FEMAS, UFAS and SFSF


  1. Proven globally: Research and farm studies worldwide have shown that including NuPro in diets can enhance animal performance, reduce the cost of production and enhance profitability. Farm trials have demonstrated that the application of a unique, sustainable, proprietary ingredient with functional nutrients can result in better growth, lower feed conversion ratios, increased survival rates and biomass production, as well as improved shrimp condition. These factors all contribute to a lower production cost and a higher output.


Good nutrition is a necessity for maintaining good health and viable production. NuPro combines nutritional components, such as protein, with more functional components, such as nucleotides and free amino acids.

So, why wait? Join the NUPRO® family today! For more information, contact: