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Kamal Mjoun

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Kamal Mjoun

Research Project Manager, Alltech

Dr. Kamal Mjoun received his master’s and doctoral degrees in dairy science from South Dakota State University, as well as other master’s degrees in animal science from universities in Morocco and France. Mjoun joined Alltech’s Research team in 2011 as a junior scientist. He currently maintains research and technical roles as research project manager.

Mjoun’s research activities at Alltech focus on optimizing rumen fermentation using rumen modifiers, maximizing nitrogen and starch utilization by dairy cattle, and additive supplementation strategies to promote animal health, welfare, and greenhouse gases mitigation. He is involved in developing in vitro models to link the nutritive value of ruminant feeds and animal performance. He also provides technical support to the dairy team and to Alltech ruminant labs globally. Mjoun has several publications in the area of animal nutrition, with a focus on dairy cattle.