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‘Let’s Talk Poultry’ – Teagasc and Alltech launch webinar series to tackle poultry industry issues

‘Let’s Talk Poultry’ – Teagasc and Alltech launch webinar series to tackle poultry industry issues

‘Let’s Talk Poultry’ – Teagasc and Alltech launch webinar series to tackle poultry industry issues  

Ireland’s poultry industry will gain industry insights over a four-part webinar series beginning June 3, at 2 p.m. Hosted by Teagasc, with support from animal nutrition company, Alltech; prominent topics such as avian influenza, gut health and layer management will be examined. 


The 45-minute webinars will go live every fortnight, starting on Wednesday, June 3, with a discussion on ‘Avian Influenza and Biosecurity’ with James Greaves, Broiler Breeder and Broiler consultant and Joe O’Flaherty, Veterinary Public Health, Pig and Poultry Health Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. “We’ve listened to the industry, and the topics for this webinar series reflect their current concerns. Through these four webinars, we will touch on the most pressing issues facing poultry farmers and integrators at the moment,” explained Rebecca Tierney, poultry advisor, Teagasc. 


The second webinar will explore the role of ‘Chick Start’ and will be hosted by Professor Steve Collett, clinical associate professor at the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center, University of Georgia. Padraig McKenna, flock supervisor at Whitaker’s Hatcheries and Martin Humphrey sales director, Humphrey Feeds & Pullets will look at ‘Layer Rearing and Management’ and best practices as part of the third webinar. The ‘Let’s Talk Poultry’ series will finish with an industry overview and outlook from Peter Duggan, Meat Division at Bord Bia and Rory Mannion, Quality Assurance administrator, Bord Bia. 


“The ‘Let’s Talk Poultry’ webinar series is aimed at providing timely information and support for the industry. Teagasc has sourced leading experts in biosecurity, layer management and nutrition, with the bonus of an industry overview at the end. This is a ‘must-watch’ webinar series for anyone looking to gain inside industry information,” said Niall Brennan, Alltech Ireland poultry coordinator.  


The webinar series will be hosted on Zoom and is free to join. The first in the series starts on Wednesday, June 3, at 2 p.m. Participants will have the chance to pose their questions to speakers at the end of each webinar. 


To register, log on to 





Wednesday, June 3  


Mitigating bird flu with better biosecurity – What can we do? 

James Greaves, broiler breeder and broiler consultant  

Joe O’Flaherty, DAFM 

Wednesday, June 17 14:00 

Chick Start –The dos and don’ts to a healthier crop  

Prof. Steve Collett 

Wednesday, July 1 


From chicks to eggs – Improving the layer cycle 

Martin Humphrey, Humphrey Feeds & Pullets 

Padraig McKenna, flock supervisor, Whitaker’s Hatcheries 

Wednesday, July 15 


Irish poultry industry outlook   

Peter Duggan, Bord Bia 

Rory Mannion, Bord Bia