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Winter Fair

Alltech Ireland - Winter Fair.

Enter this competition for your chance to win one of two, £250 vouchers for Alltech Bioplex and Sel-Plex minerals. 


Click here to enter the Alltech Winter Fair competition.



Minerals that go to work, not to waste. 

Improper mineral supply can have major consequences for the health and productivity of dairy cattle and, as a result, come at a high cost.

BIOPLEX® and SEL-PLEX® minerals from Alltech allows for greater bioavailability and better mineral absorption by your cows. The more minerals taken up and utilised, the less waste mineral is excreted in urine.

These superior mineral forms also contribute to improved immunity and health status, providing the platform for maximum milk production.



Why include BIOPLEX and SEL-PLEX in your cows minerals?

In trial research:

  • Heifers born to BIOPLEX and SEL-PLEX fed cows calved 26 days earlier than the control group.
  • Cows fed BIOPLEX and SEL-PLEX minerals produced 1.7kg more milk per day, or 520 kg more milk over a 305-day lactation (F. Pino, Penn State University)


Ask your mineral supplier to include BIOPLEX and SEL-PLEX in your feed or contact Alltech on +353 (0) 86 142 7404.




December 10, 2020 - December 18, 2020