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Webinar series: Making silage sense

silage webinar

Grass silage is the main component of the animal’s diet, yet it is the one element that can be very variable. These variances have a huge impact on animal performance. In Northern Ireland over 8 million tonnes of forage are produced annually. Based on this we have came up with our latest campaign “Making Silage Sense” to help farmers manage their grass silage to allow for maximum animal performance.

Grass fever is about to hit Northern Ireland shortly! It’s important that farmers are prepared for the upcoming silage season.

The objective on every farm should be:

  • To produce high quality silage
  • To improve efficiency by reducing field and clamp losses where possible

With feed prices set to remain high for the rest of the year efficiency on farm will be key and maximising performance from forage will be vital to farm profitability.

Our webinar series features a line-up of expert speakers including Dave Davies, Silage Solutions. Attendees will gain practical knowledge regarding common questions on how to manage grass silage.


March 25, 2021 - October 8, 2021

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