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Are your minerals going down the drain?

Are your minerals going down the drain?


Successful transition from the dry period into lactation is one of the most critical moments in a dairy cow’s lactation. It will have a direct impact on milk production, cow health and reproductive performance during the subsequent lactation.

To achieve a successful transition, the management and nutrition of dry cows needs to be right. The success of the transition revolves around four key pillars: body condition score, nutrition, minerals and management.


Improper mineral supply can have major consequences for the health and productivity of dairy cattle and, as a result, come at a high cost.

BIOPLEX® and SEL-PLEX® minerals from Alltech allows for greater bioavailability and better mineral absorption by your cows. The more minerals taken up and utilised, the less waste mineral is excreted in urine.


Why are BIOPLEX® and SEL-PLEX® minerals different?


Dry cow minerals that go to work, not waste. 


BIOPLEX® trace minerals are classified as chelates of protein hydrolysates. BIOPLEX has higher stability through better bonding strength between the mineral and amino acids. This allows increased uptake of minerals in the animal. In BIOPLEX, you will find a highly controlled mixture of molecules (ligands), including single amino acids and small-chain peptides. Research has proven BIOPLEX minerals to be much more stable compared to other amino acid chelate competitors. This all means that the minerals are more stable in the animal’s digestive tract, more bioavailable and better retained within the animal’s cell tissues.

SEL-PLEX® is selenium supplied in the form of selenoamino acids. The absorption of these molecules occurs within the small intestine and is much more efficient than other forms of selenium, such as selenite.


Why include BIOPLEX and SEL-PLEX in your dry cow minerals?

In trial research:

  • Heifers born to BIOPLEX-fed cows calved 26 days earlier than the control group.
  • Cows fed BIOPLEX minerals produced 1.7kg more milk per day, or 520 kg more milk over a 305-day lactation (F. Pino, Penn State University).


Can you afford not to use BIOPLEX and SEL-PLEX?


Ask your mineral supplier to include BIOPLEX® and SEL-PLEX® in your dry cow minerals

or contact Alltech on +353 (0) 86 142 7404


InTouch Dry Cow Programme


Are you interested in learning more about the four pillars of the InTouch Dry Cow Programme? Click below for more information on each pillar.


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Body Condition Score


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